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A-fable for-our-Times

A fable for our Times

Wiley Coyote Rouhani, having heard that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, stood besides his suitcase filled with jars of honey and rehearsed his “bleating sheep'” speech for the big all-creatures meeting.
He said that his clan needed to protect itself but was well disposed toward every other being and would never develop any tools capable of harming anyone else. He also condemned every clan which had destroyed other creatures in the past and thought it was very wicked of them.

Exceptionalism is a Bad Idea

What if you were stuck at a gathering with a person who asserted: “I am an exceptional human being. I have been given the gift of insight and it is my duty to share it with the less fortunate and set them on the right path”. Wouldn’t you flee for your life and think: “What a pompous ass!”So why should nations or groups be allowed to think of themselves as the chosen ones whose responsibility is to set an example to other nations? In the 19th century “manifest destiny” was the belief that the U.S. was a chosen land that been allotted the entire North American continent by God. The “White man’s burden” was another myth which served as a justification for acquiring colonies and imposing one’s superior culture on them. From there to the doctrine of white supremacy was but one little step.