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Of Statues and Revolutions

On December 8th, protesters in Independence Square in Kiev in Ukraine toppled a statue of Vladimir Lenin.

At the same time in Moscow the Duma (Parliament) was debating whether to reinstate a statue of Felix Dzerzhinsky in Lubyanka Square. Dzerzhinsky is known as the father of the Secret Service which at some point became the KGB. He was notorious for torture and executions during the Red Terror.

The Ukrainians are protesting their President’s reneging on his promise to sign an agreement with the European Union and turning towards Moscow instead.

Ukraina means “on the border” and is in fact on the border between Russia and Western Europe, facing both simultaneously. This Janus Syndrome has a long history.

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Speaking to an Audience

The Things We Say to an Audience

Why do we use those phrases? Why do we stock our mental closets with those worn out sayings? Are we afraid of the classic nightmare of appearing before an audience in our underwear or worse still, naked?

Phrases and Responses

To cut a long story short.
Audience: Oh good! You’re finally getting there.

At the end of the day
Audience: What happened in the morning?

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