Top 10 at 99*

I was recently asked by a friend to name my 10 favorite things. I am happy to do so. Here is that list in no particular order of preference:

  1. My family, including the newest arrival, a jolly little guy  with a round face who enjoys his life and likes to engage with the world.



  1. Keeping in touch with people; I am always happy when people share their joys, concerns and interests.

  1. Writing my blog which involves picking a topic of interest, researching it, learning more about it, and, yes, sharing my opinion.

  1. Reading stimulating books, learning about facts and events I had not known before.


  1. My home, high on a hill with a panoramic view of San Francisco, The Golden Gate Bridge and the East Bay, which I appreciate so much.

  1. Listening to classical music especially, Mozart, Chopin, Verdi, Donizeti, Bach but excluding the two Richards, Wagner and  Strauss.

  1. Opera, really a subset of 6 with drama added.

  2. Good television drama like The Durrells in Corfu or A Place to Call Home.

  1. Traveling. Nowadays mostly on TV with Rick Steeves but I am glad that I was able to do so much of it during many years, discovering different places and talking to people about their lives.

  1. Cats. I like their independence, aloofness, soft fur and willingness to be friendly and be petted.

*Editor’s note: Simone turned 99 last Thursday…….

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2 years ago

Happy Birthday!

Gordon Siebert
Gordon Siebert
2 years ago

Your articles are short and sweet and bring me joy. The view from your house at night makes the Bay look like diamonds. Allow me to recommend reading the articles from Margaret Renkl in the NYT, which also bring me joy. Best belated wishes on your birthday and may you have many more birthdays.

Neil Houston
Neil Houston
2 years ago

Happy birthday, Simone! Thank you for what you do–you are truly an inspiration.

1 year ago

Happy Birthday! Great article 🙂