A fable for our Times

Wiley Coyote Rouhani, having heard that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, stood besides his suitcase filled with jars of honey and rehearsed his “bleating sheep'” speech for the big all-creatures meeting.
He said that his clan needed to protect itself but was well disposed toward every other being and would never develop any tools capable of harming anyone else. He also condemned every clan which had destroyed other creatures in the past and thought it was very wicked of them.
The flies all surrounded him and sang his praises. He is so terribly moderate they intoned. Look how sweetly he smiles. One said: I looked into his eyes and saw his soul.  All admired his neat little dancing steps. All of them promised to invite him to other gatherings in hopes he would bring more honey and perhaps some other goodies as well. They wondered what they could do for him in return as he smiled benevolently back at them.
But one fly scratched its wings and said: Hasn’t the other  one  last year said something like this?  His brother and sister flies all shushed him. No, no they answered. That was the big bad wolf and he threatened  to blow all our houses down. He is gone now and good riddance to him, a real ugly beast he was.  One lonely little fly stayed away and did not join in the festivities. He was heard to mutter:”I’ll believe it when I see it”. Even the Lord of the Flies, also known as the Great Satan was impressed. This is good  said he.
And so, Wily Coyote, satisfied with a job well done, smiled benignly one last time and boarded his Flying Carpet for the journey home.


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