The Things We Say to an Audience

Why do we use those phrases? Why do we stock our mental closets with those worn out sayings? Are we afraid of the classic nightmare of appearing before an audience in our underwear or worse still, naked?

Phrases and Responses

To cut a long story short.
Audience: Oh good! You’re finally getting there.

At the end of the day
Audience: What happened in the morning?

Suffice it to say’
Audience: Do you mean you’re finally done?

Without further ado.
Audience: What’s an “ado” anyway?

Our speaker needs no introduction.
Audience: So why are you going on and on?

Make no mistake.
It was a mistake coming here

Last but not least.
Is that it then?

That’s a good question.
So are you going to answer it?

Back to square one.
Oh no!

Throw the baby with the bathwater.
Must have been a very whiny baby.

The tip of the iceberg.
Now that the glaciers are melting we may finally get to see what is below the tip.

The elephant in the room.
Let’s have a rhino instead.

I hate to say this:
 So don’t

At this point in time.
Time to go home!!


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9 years ago

I am really tired of “at the end of the day.” I think it replaced “when all is said and done.” Sometimes we do need a little verbal lubrication, but we should try to find original ways of saying things. I like “all things considered” or, when appropriate, “in conclusion.” I would be interested in hearing if other people have other suggestions for replacements for “at the end of the day.”